The Start of Eggplant Season 6/3/2018

This year we are going to have a HOT summer. In fact we mostly skipped spring. We went from winter to full on 100 degree summer super quickly. This weather stinks for Carrots, parsnips, and beets. However, 100 degree temp days are great for eggplants and peppers.

The inspection of the Japanese eggplants revealed more eggplants than expected and required some plucking. Eggplants are among one of the most unpleasant foods to pick. If not properly armed with a knife, forget it. Evil little invisible spikes live all along the flower cap at the top of the fruit. Stabbed more than I cared to be, this was my trophy:

IMG_1097About 10 eggplants.  What to do with this many? well… I had already made my work lunches for the week consisting of baked roasted carrots with herbs, onions, peppers and green beans. So baba ganoush it was! I made one fresh batch and the rest of the roasted eggplant was de-skinned and put into a zip lock bag in the freezer. That way next time I want to make it all that I need to do is defrost for less than 5 minutes instead of roast for 45.

The husband was watching me peel the eggplants and mentioned how he disliked knowing how the sausage was made. It truly doesn’t look appetizing. Especially for someone whom does not appreciate eggplant in its other forms.

Purple morning glories


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