Things that made me happy this weekend 9/9/2017

I added an array of bird feeders, bird baths and squirrel feeders on the opposite side of our yard to the garden. This hopefully accomplishes a few things.

  1. Provides entertainment for my beautiful cat Enzo who now has a view consisting of no less than 5 bird/squirrel feeders, a fish pond, and two bird baths from his perch in our master bedroom.
  2. Birds are in my yard anyways so if they are provided with easy & continual access to food and water, the idea is hopefully they will be less incentivized to figure out how to get at my protected vegetables.

Meet Mr. Cat:IMG_8191

Don’t let his adorableness fool you. He is a killing machine. And also very soft. One of the bird feeders is right next to the window so he can surprise animals which he seems to enjoy. I’ve been enjoying it too. There’s something wonderful about having the sun wake you up on a weekend and you peek out the window to see some little birdies munching on the sunflower seeds you left for them, or a hummingbird flittering by to get to the trumpet flowers you planted.

The array of fauna feeders

With that, here are some pretty things that made me happy this weekend:

Meet the pond fish

The pond I dug right outside our bedroom window so we could hear the trickle of the water from the tiny little waterfall and so that we could all see the fish from inside easily. They serve a purpose other than just entertainment though. They eat mosquito larva that would inevitably fill up the pond. So they eat mosquitos and make fertilizer that I use to water my fruit trees. Plus they are just fun to watch.


A Cardinal came by to visit. I love watching them. They seem to prefer the sunflower seeds. The male always seems to be the bold one and come down first to make sure the coast is clear for his lady. They frequent the bird feeders further away from the house and the birdbaths. IMG_8980

A squirrel right outside our window saying hi and making use of the closest bird feeder.

Things in Bloom this week

Texas Knockout Rose
Crepe Myrtle
Pink Morning Glory
Native Rock Rose
Volunteer sweet potatoes
Pineapple Guava
Society Garlic
Honey Suckle – the smell was intoxicating this morning!
Texas Star Hibiscus
Purple Morning Glories

Thanks for checking this out. It made my day a little brighter. Hopefully did the same for you.

Salutations from Mr. Cat.



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