Pretty Things 5/8/2018

This morning I wandered outside with my morning coffee and had to rush back in to grab my phone so I could take pictures of the beautiful things that started to bloom.


The First green tomatoes of the season have arrived. It’s almost time to devise a bird net so I can keep them to myself. Maybe the birds are still too focused on the peach tree.


Bi-Colored Iris is showing its stuff.IMG_0926

My little yellow flowers cheering up a shady cornerIMG_0927

The pineapple guava is busting out in full bloom. The mocking birds love eating their petals that taste sort of like tuti-fruity. They end up pollinating the flowers while doing this.IMG_0935The Beautiful Amaryllis is still going strong. I love how the red ones , then the pink ones, then the white ones come to bloom in order.IMG_0938The Echinacea are just starting to bloom.  I love their color.


Swirly garlic scapes might make their way onto a plate soon.

IMG_0939The Johnny jump ups are one tough flower, still going strong.IMG_0929Figs are on the way. Looking forward to getting a handful or two in a few months.IMG_0924

The pomegranate tree is still going crazy. This is quite a show we’re getting!


My day lilies are finally blooming for the first time! It was a pleasant surprise.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning.

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