Pretty things 10/9/2017

Milkweed popped up from seed out of nowhere which was a pleasant surprise.


Society Garlic is blooming again in response to the cooler weather.

IMG_9685Another eggplant is ready to go


Sunchoke blooms smell amazing and hopefully will produce well this winter

IMG_9674More peppers than we currently know what to do with


Canna is still going strong.


Geranium that limped along through the summer


a caterpillar eating some parsley that went to seed.

IMG_9636The chair lizard that hides in our cushions when they are stacked up for rain

IMG_9635Bean flowers and starting tiny beans!

Loquat flowers that need to be protected from frost


Garden #1 full of plants grown from seed.IMG_9649

Hooray for the beginning of fall!

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