Preserved Basil Success 12/10/2017

Not knowing what to expect as the result of the whole leaf basil in salt preservation technique, I have to say I’m extremely impressed. For dinner I made some caprese bread to go along with our turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles. It was a success.

The color of the basil looked a little wilted but the leaf structure was surprisingly soft and the flavor was perfect.

IMG_0116This was my solution to using some of the counter ripening tomatoes we’ve been able to enjoy from the first batch of tomatoes brought in on the 24th of November.


  • Some nice crusty bread,
  • sliced tomatoes,
  • preserved whole basil leaves,
  • Motzerella in herbed olive oil,
  • a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar,
  • and a little sprinkle of basil salt on top

This was a hit. It’s amazing how gardening has been the thing to get me into cooking/food preparation. I want to use all the things I work so hard to grow darn it. I will most definitely be using the whole leaf basil preservation method in the future. I’m impressed.

Preserving Basil 9/17/2017

I hopped over to preparedness mama and found some great ideas on how to preserve my basil that was starting to look worse for wear. The older leaves on the plant are starting to get sunburn and new leaves aren’t forming as fast as they were. Plus I’ll be ripping it all out soon to plant garlic anyways.

I thought I would take the parts of the plant that look the best and do some experiments to see what the husband would like to use cooking.

Ideas from Preparedness Mama

Basil frozen in Olive oil using an ice-cube tray –


Pretty self-explanatory, Just make little cubes and pop them out into a zip lock bag.  I’m excited to see if we can find some good recipe’s to use them.

Whole leaf basil in salt-


It seems very odd to me that this is supposed to be kept in the fridge, but supposedly it will retain the leaf texture and color until spring when I can plant basil out again? I’m hoping to have it still looking right in November for thanksgiving. So this is an experiment. I might try another one on the counter and compare how they do.

Ideas from Melissa Norris  –

Basil Salt -The most interesting basil salt to me was the 4 parts basil to 1 part salt method because i had a lot of basil to use up. I will be storing this one in the fridge as recommended but i bet the inverse of this on her site, the 1 part basil to 4 parts salt would be fine on the counter.

My salt is going to end up a dark kale greenish color because of all the purple basil that I used. It will be something fun and different. I have NO idea what we’ll end up deciding to use this on but when I have some ideas or recipes I’ll post them.